Canova, Glory of Treviso

From May 14th to September 25th in Treviso, at the Bailo museum, the splendid CANOVA exhibition, GLORIA TREVIGIANA, will take place, 𝘱𝘦𝘳 what is expected to be the largest Canova exhibition of the season in Italy. Masterpieces from the world, unique and unpublished works and artifacts, preserved in the civic collections and never exhibited before can be admired for this unmissable event. The monumental volume with the engravings of the works of Antonio Canova, donated in 1837 by the brother of the great master, Giovanni Battista Sartori, to the University of Treviso will be exhibited for the first time. It is unique both for its size, 90 x 73 cm closed format, and for its content, as many as 86 branches made by different artists. The restored work is exhibited for the first time in the exhibition and reproduced in its entirety as an attachment to the catalog.