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“Welcome to Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa, Your Venetian Villa”

Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa is the ideal starting point to discover the artistic and natural beauty of Veneto, a region full of charm in which you can find sea, lakes, mountains and hills.
Visit Veneto’s unique cities like Venice, Treviso, but also Verona, Padova and Vicenza. A part from the most common cities we advise you to take a glimpse to the regions small medieval villages, the Venetian villas, the prosecco hills, Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Dolomites, which are included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. The region is not only a pleasure for the eye, it is also a mixture of genuine flavors such as: Treviso’s radicchio (red chicory), the prosecco from Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, Cimadolmo’s asparagus and Combai’s chestnuts.


Romantic and intriguing, Treviso is a small beautiful city, full of historical buildings, many of them still frescoed. Lots of channels flow through the city, somehow resembling Venice. All year round many events take part in the city: music, food and wine festivals, markets and lots more for everyone to enjoy

Prosecco hills

The northern part of Treviso, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, is full of luxuriant hills, covered by vast vineyards.
It is thanks to these grapes that the area is now globally renowned for the production of Prosecco and became also in July 2019 the 55th Italian UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Asolo is a wonderful treasure in the province of Treviso, that has been recently nominated one of Italian most beautiful villages. Known as «the city of 100 horizons» for its mountains settings or also «The Pearl of Veneto», Asolo lies on some beautiful hills, not far from the area of Prosecco. Its unique atmosphere has inspired over the years many artists such as Italian theater actress Eleonora Duse, English poet Robert Browning, English writer Freya Stark and many more.

Venetian Villas

Incredible architectures, art masterpieces, centuries-old parks, spectacular fountains, these some of the features of the ancient residences built by the Venetian aristocracy on the mainland.
Either in the heart of the countryside, along the rivers or on the top of the hills, there are many villas all over the Marca Trevigiana, as a permanent expression of the genius of great artists, with Palladio as the main representative.


Famous for being the hometown of one of the greatest Italian sculptor of all time, i.e. Antonio Canova, Possagno is a small nice city at the foot of the Venetian Pre-Alps.