Renato Casaro, the last poster designer

When: Every day
Location: Treviso, Santa Caterina Museum and National Salce Collection Museo Nazionale Collezione Salce
Orari: 10-18

From June 13th 2021, the exhibition dedicated to Renato Casaro will be open to the public at the Santa Caterina Museum, organised by the Civic Museums of Treviso in collaboration with the Polo Museale del Veneto; the exhibition will be held at the Santa Caterina Civic Museum and the Museo Nazionale Collezione Salce (Chiesa di Santa Margherita and Complesso di San Gaetano).
Renato Casaro, a great poster designer originally from Treviso, designed the posters for many masterpieces, such as The Last Emperor, Once Upon a Time in America, Rambo, Amadeus, Dances with Wolves and 007.
The exhibition will be open until 9 January 2022 at the Santa Caterina Museum, while at the second locations of the Salce Museum it will be open until 1 May 2022.